Sometimes it's hard to see the light whenever you're surrounded by darkness

Have you ever felt the type of pain from looking in the mirror and not being able to recognize yourself?

Looking into your own eyes and at your own face and you say "Who is this?"

I've lost myself, yes, I'm afraid I do need some help...

But help from where? I've already been here, and I've been there...

Now, I'm getting kind of scared. 

Is there a cure? For this pain I endure...

I'm tired of fighting, I'm tired of always never being enough no matter how hard I am trying... 

Swear to god it feels like I'm better off dead, no point in trying...

Why do I wake up and get out of bed and even after opening my eyes it doesn't feel like I'm alive...

Every day is the same, I just always feel like I'm dying. 

Even though I'm breathing, and I'm living, I never feel like I'm ALIVE.

I don't know who I am or where I'm going... I spend all of my days never knowing...

Will I make it out alive?

Will any of these questions become answered?

Because everything else I've tried, has failed...

My ship is sinking,

While all the others have sailed. 

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