You and Me just Lost Ourselves more - Already Broken Without Saving

that's what i use to be
that's what changed in me
that's what i came to be 
that's who believed in me
was all i could see
you suddenly took all of me
had problems of your own, some i'd not yet seen
became broken down and lost while looking for me
promised to never hurt me
promised you'd never desert me
tried to be
everything i needed
instead of you - 
but you needed to see 
that you couldn't try fixing me
when you yourself are not yet complete
loved me when i didn't love myself
but it was you
who then spent the little bit of love you had left for yourself 
and loved me for me
you lost your love for yourself
and then i ended up losing you anyways
so who really lost, 
and who gained? 
did i find myself loving you, and you loving me? 
or did i just find you,
and you lost yourself, 
just trying to bring love into me..
and now we're both lost
lost in you, and you're lost in me

Jimmy 2018already brokenlostlost myself in youlove

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