Gym Gigolo

Between the apparatus and the equipment he prowls

Perfecting his stance and menacing scowls

His carb free diet has led to irritable bowels

Hurrah the Gym Gigolo


So desperate to create a good first impression

He takes a supplement before his daily session

Leaves him ripped but prone to acts of aggression

You what?  The Gym Gigolo


After his protein shake he pumps his iron

With a plethora of lycra clad ladies to spy on

Offering much more than a shoulder to cry on

Smoooth  the Gym Gigolo


Exercise justified by his determination to rid

His mind of his memories of his life as a kid

The abhorrent things they said and worse things they did

Are hid by the Gym Gigolo


He disputes the positives of calisthenics

A walking advertisement for the study of genetics

If you’re spelling it out, better use phonetics

Der der  the Gym Gigolo


Stares in the mirror by the bells and free weights

He admires his himself and he contemplates


Wait… Gym Gigolo


On the pull that night out in a club

A splash of Kouros, a whiff of deep heat rub

His body an ark expecting a flood

Makes waves the Gym Gigolo


A big man with a bigger fear of rejection

He indulges himself with another injection

So what if he can’t sustain an erection

Restrain from the Gym Gigolo


Grey marl bottoms and tight muscle vest

Reveal his tattooed triceps and freshly shaved chest

Because its ladies night and he’s there to impress

Go-go Gym Gigolo


He scans the floor and takes his pick

Flexes muscles so dense, so incredibly thick

He requires a vet ‘cos his ‘swans are sick’

Oooosh the Gym Gigolo


He offers her the pleasure of touching his ‘guns’

She stifles laughter at his terrible puns

At the first opportunity she turns and she runs

Her loss- not the Gym Gigolo’s



‘Not arsed’ he says ‘plenty of fish in the sea

They’re hundreds of women attracted to me

Who’ll have the last laugh, hmm we’ll see’

Tee hee the Gym Gigolo


Last orders rings out to his alarm

The ladies bored of his ripping yarns

He returns home alone to a date with his palm

The charm of the Gym Gigolo


His tears taste of salt from beaded sweat

Lies in bed and reflects on his years of regret

Pounds of muscle not an ounce of self-respect

Hollow Gym Gigolo



Underneath the behemoth a small child lost

Bullied and beaten as a boy without response or riposte

Desperate for love whatever the cost

Sleep tight Gym Gigolo


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Big Sal

Thu 3rd May 2018 01:43

I can see this as an epitaph for Trump and his bone spurs. 👍

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