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The unspoken rules of tidiness

We love to have a tidy house
But we really don't like to clean it
If only someone would tidy up
I would have some place to sit
Days pass and nothing changes
Till you feel that nauseous pit
Then you realise the rooms a mess
And it makes you want to quit
As you start to clear up all of it
You think to yourself, "oh shit,"
"How did I ever live like this?"
It's really quite a tip
Time flie...

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I’m tougher than a brave marine,

in hard-worn battle gear,

all decked out in camouflage.

There’s nothing that I fear.

You may have taken all my mates,

but they were old and weak,

you’ve never met a foe like me -

I’m tough as fucking teak.


I laugh at all your vain attempts

to seek out and destroy,

for when I’m in my element


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