The Boy Who Never Wanted To Grow Up



You won’t go to therapy 

Your clothes everywhere

It is because your Daddy never cared?


Run away from your problems

Change friends all the time 

Is that why you smoke weed all the time?


Sheets unwashed 

And wine every day 

No wonder you pushed all your friends away 


Video games are a way of life 

Abandoning problems

like it depends on your life 


Women and sex, your favourite distractions

Your number one priority, 

your own satisfaction 


Seventeen year old boy in the body of a man 

Why go to therapy

when you can blame your girlfriend?


Lube everywhere 

McDonalds for dinner 

Why did think you were such a winner?


Never admit fault 

Can’t be wrong for a second 

So mistakes don’t help you learn a single lesson 


Abandon everything 

that doesn’t bring you joy

To you, for a while, I was your favourite toy 


Place the blame 

anywhere else

And never ever ever look at yourself 


So push me away 

And self-medicate 

For you to grow up, I’ll no longer wait

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