Your coffee

Where are you Mumma?
Your coffee is getting cold. 
You have missed out on so much. 
There are many stories to be told. 
Where are you Mumma?
Your coffee is getting colder. 
Time has just flown by.
My children are growing older. 
Where are you Mumma?
Making coffee is harder as I am so weak.
My body is slower and my bones do creak. 
Where are you Mumma? 
Making coffee is just too much to bear. 
But I would love to see you,
I have so much to share. 
Where are you Mumma?
I'm now tucked up, in my bed. 
Waiting for your sweet voice and kiss upon my head. 
Where are you Mumma?
This rest is feeling quite deep.
My grown up children are with me,
They hold my hand but gently weep. 
Oh, there you are Mumma! 
Have you been waiting here all this time? 
"My darling, I've always been with you for your heart is in mine."

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Guinevere Heron

Sat 28th Aug 2021 14:22

Thank you Graham, I truly agree that memories and mannerisms keep our loved ones with us and inter their soul into future generations.

Stephen G, I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it moving. Thank you for your feedback.

Ferris, thank you for your condolences. It's been very difficult and almost feels never ending. I am glad I have an outlet to post my creative writing and the escape I get from everyday life by writing is truly a pleasure. Definitely take lots of pictures, my mum was such a photo dodger so it's been a shock at how little photos I have with her, especially as an adult.

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Ferris Ty Taylor

Fri 27th Aug 2021 04:42

I will heed your words and take more photos and remember this poem. I actually thought about it at work today. I honestly think that if you're not, then you should attempt to get this published.
I'm sorry for your loss. I only hope that you continue to channel your sense of loss into more wonderful creative endeavours.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 26th Aug 2021 17:21

This is one of those special poems which comes round very rarely. It is moving and absolutely lovely.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 26th Aug 2021 15:51

Memories and mannerisms are how we keep people alive. Write down as many as you can. Use them in your work. Tell others. Spread them around.
Memories and mannerisms are vital links with those who've died.

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Guinevere Heron

Thu 26th Aug 2021 14:43

Thank you for your feedback, Ferris. My mother died a few weeks ago and I'm reading a poem at her funeral next week, I first wrote this one and bawled my eyes out when trying to read it aloud so I opted for a more 'up-beat' style poem instead ?
The loss of a parent (I also lost my father 11 years ago) is a pain like no other but I strongly believe they are both with me and I think of them every single day. They never leave you. My only regret is not taking enough photos with them ?

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Ferris Ty Taylor

Thu 26th Aug 2021 04:33

Hey, I absolutely love this. It's inspired and innovative. Thank you for posting.
It broke my heart.
My best friend lost his mother recently, I'm lucky enough that my mother is still alive, but my friend's loss has me imagining life without her and the thought of it puts me in a horrible place.
The hope that you offer the final stanza really sorted me out tonight, thank you.

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Guinevere Heron

Wed 25th Aug 2021 21:47

Thank you Stephen and Tom. I'm glad you enjoyed it. ?

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 25th Aug 2021 18:54

A beautifully constructed piece ?

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Wed 25th Aug 2021 12:44

Wow, this is beautiful. Very moving and a pleasure to read.

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