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I Apologize

I’m sorry for everything for each
snipe sass sneer cock of the eyebrow
smirk slammed door No shouted breath
held until my face turned
purple flailing arms
and legs my cries
for it

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I Never Loved You

Let it rain tonight the streets are so dry and ragged

Would you really be intrested in dancing out here in this rain

Pitter pat tip tap 

Its wild how you listen to idle chit chat 

Shoes that dont fit no but they come with nails in them

And that mile you walk has glass broken on the streets

Im so happy im not looking for that love anymore

Im so glad i dont get excited by that w...

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apologydeath of lovelongevity


and i'm sorry, darling,

that you had to love me

at that wrong time.

a time when i loved you,

but i needed to love myself more.

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Please forgive Me Myself and My BPD


When you try your hardest you really do 

But your switches get the better of you 

It's not my fault I try and say but it still doesn't stop me pushing people away 

My actions speak louder than words but my actions aren't created by myself 

There all chemical imbalances that cause my mental health 

I say I'm sorry each time I mess up but there's only so many times people will he...

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BPDmental illnessapology

I'm Sorry

Why say I'm sorry
for something in which
you had no part?

Because, shallow as those 
two words may seem...

the gesture plays 
a pivotal role in 
healing a broken heart. 

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Without A Full Stop

I remember when you leaned forward, away from me
As if i was a scarlet letter you wish you never bumped into
Back and forth busy re-evaluating all offerings on the table
I bet my name never made it to the highest scores list you've made
Cause you needed to create a whole new category for someone like me

Those strange happenstances and confused look in your eyes
Tell me, are you a little sc...

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FIREFLY (Revised)

Majestic flames

Yellow to ochre


Leaping sparks

Out of Hades

Aimless spark, Oh

Delightful ember


Of Lilliputian beauty

Fragrance akin to


Burned incense

On hot charcoal


Lying low, in state

On the Tuareg

Carpet of dreams

Kaleidoscopic flames enhance

Subtle shades


(C) Daniel Dwyran





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apologychoices; mistakes; Crazy; confusedsorrow







blunt-edged butter knives
scrape across brittle landscapes
on freshly overtoasted slices of multigrain loaves

each lumpy mound of spreadable dairy
refuses to swathe evenly, amicably

momentary paralysis plagues
this expedition many times over
without consolation or apology


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