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Jon Stainsby on Whispering wind (17 minutes ago)


it pulls back, tight,
a finger falls away
flung through the air
till it hits
and falls
a heavy stone sunk at the bottom of my stomach
but you’ve left the slingshot on the bench outside
and I don’t know how to leave you on that bed
a cold hand still holds my heart
instead, you’ll stay
a heavy stone sunk in my stomach
I’ll never leave you behind
I swear
I’ll take you everywhere

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Without You

It gets harder and harder each day. 
It's constant sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, confusion, anger and what if's.
It literally hurts.
It never stops.

So much of me went with you.

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Suddenly Gone

What do you do when such a huge part of your EVERYDAY life is just gone? A complete void that appeared instantly overnight.

You have shoes here, a toothbrush, clothes that I've slept in almost every night for the past 2 years, tons of toys/games you bought our son, things you bought me, your #1 on my speed dial, your profile on Netflix, our cat Spooks that you named, everything is still here......

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Two of my children were kidnapped as babies, and I suffered so much over it.  This poem came out of that suffering, along with many many more.


It’s really hard to bear
The loneliness within
When emotions test
And hearts bleed
When children’s arms
Reach out to mother’ running
As they are taken from her
And pain is enthroned
To leave her with nothing
But the pain and

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