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he doesn't text me anymore

i think to be unloved is to be damned. 

for a while i thought myself damned.

can you really be damned at 16?

i gave him two cigarettes this time, 

and offered another two. 

he smoked them till the tips of his fingers burned, 

i wanted to place them on my lips.

suck them, kiss them, cool them.

i sat across from him, nursing one drink, careful with my teeth and my brow.


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First For Everything

Something that breaks my heart a little.

You were my first.

My first date.

My first “relationship”… a real one.

My first time staying at a boys house. 

My first time on drugs.

My first Christmas that wasn’t with my own family. 

My first real experience of love.

But for you, you’ve just done it all again. 

Just another one to add to the list. 

If you remember your firs...

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first love

things one can't forget

things one can’t forget


I remember my first sight of you

sitting at a table in the library


bright blue eyes sparkling

with excitement and wonder


but that was many years ago

when I fell in love with you

at first sight


not yet knowing

your name, I knew I would know

it soon


and softly brush my

fingers over your lovely eyes

while I snuggl...

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Every Night Before I Go To Bed

Every night, before I go to bed,
I see the moon and his face,
I see the illuminous light of the moon take a heart shape,
I see the moon, his face within,
I see the smile on it,
I see the comfort behind it.
I see the hope that flows within my mind,
I see the dream that comes alive.

Believe me lord, I do wonder a lot,
As what would happen if I put the moon in a pot,
Keeping it with me fo...

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first love

Love Happens

Love happens when you least expect it.

When you have your eyes closed and are looking in the opposite direction.

Love happens even when you shun it. 

Even when you curse it from the pits of hell love happens. 

Love happens and it knows why it came and how long it plans to stay.

When it happens it takes you by storm 

Love happens and with no words

Love happens and when it does


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True Love

Beauty is something that I thought I knew until my eyes took yours in

Tenderness was just a thought until I felt your touch

I never knew how it felt to be complete until I held you in my arms

True love was just a wish until God brought you into my life


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Song for Laura Lee

Laura Lee, she was my first love
tangled in her parents’ bedsheets
and shadows from the attic window
With my army-surplus shirt
slipping from her shoulders

Laura Lee, she was my first love
my first taste of intimacy
her loving hands upon me
guiding that desire, so deftly
through our discovery and naivety

Laura Lee, she was my first love
our fumbled teenage kisses
quickly blossomed ...

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I was reading a story

When i felt a sudden spark of pain in my heart

I was feeling like someone was piercing needles deep inside my soul

It was unbearable and tears were rolling down 

I closed my eyes, it was all dark

And then i saw you

I tried opening my eyes but I couldn’t 

Because deep inside I still wanted to see you for maybe one last time even when nothing was real 


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GW Park 9/15/19

I loved looking at him 

the way his eyes crinkled at the sight of the sun 

our white shoes getting messy in the sand 

The sound of the lake water hitting the shore line

 No communication just sounds of nature filling our ears 

She loved him more than she could fathom 

But he was too busy to notice 

So she took screenshots with her mind

to remember his face and the way she f...

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first loveromantic- for a friend

Your Light, Our Youth

The strength of your light
catches me unguarded
how brightly you shine
blooming brilliantly
how welcome
how confusing to me

The confidence of your glow
magnetic from all angles
I'm softened in the shadows
but your light does not permit them
so welcome
so challenging to me

Brighter than in our youth
brighter still than photographs
we talk and take a new one
twenty years since the...

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I’ll never forget the day that I met Dawn from Didcot.

Her eyes like pools of fire, all watery and bloodshot.


I found her reminiscent of all of the four seasons.

For a very wide and varied number of notable reasons.


She was Reminiscent of Spring time, of April showers and dew.

Because every time she Shpoke, she shpat all over you.


She reminded me of Winter, of icic...

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First Love

Truly Beloved Customer Care

Dear Truly Beloved Customer Care

I have a small problem with one of your wares

I’m not after a new one or a replacement spare

Just wondered if this one is not beyond repair

In Ninety-One you gave me this heart

Which really was awfully sweet

I wasn’t too smart, broke it apart

How I’ve tried to make it complete

Yet now I fear, after 23 years, it appears

I have cocked up it...

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Trouble, Truth, and Reality

Fancy, free, doing whatever I please and not giving a f$ck about the consequence of my actions. I ran into trouble and I think I liked it. Chocolate fire. Wild and crazy, full of fun a laughter. We laughed and grew over the years. He gave me a glimpse of what a boyfriend could be. I left for school and he bounced in and out of lock down. Not quite what I wanted, but at that point I didn’t even kno...

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The Mayfly Dance

The Mayfly Dance


It snowed on Christmas Eve

Nineteen Seventy Six

But that was later.


Earlier we had all met up

In our favourite student pub

Everyone under age and eager


The girls in cheesecloth shirts

And tight fitting Levis

The boys sporting long hair and moustaches


We didn’t look Seventeen

As we chose the jukebox plays

Of Zeppelin, Skynyrd ...

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Save some love for yourself


All I ever wanted was to be all that someone needed

I thought once I achieved that, my loneliness was defeated 
And here you came, I'll give you all my love, you repeated
And happy was I to be the one who received it
Your love was slow and kind
You took the time to discover all the little specs in my mind
As the seasons came and gone, we painted the sky with our bliss

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