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Wrestled to girl

I wrestled you down


Into woman

I grew your thoughts for you

Lifeless of the party


You vacuum expression

And drain me,



I gave you emotions

Give me energy

Any kind just give

Give and give 

I must drink

Always thirsty am I

But I drink for you

So what’s this lull in your throat

Dip in your tone



You ...

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Wrestlefightabusemanipulatetoxictriggertraumabondconnectioninterdependentcontrolobsessnarcissistsociopathrelationshipheart breakhealbreak uplearnreflectself awaregrowpainrealisegaslightliarcomplicatedmonologuecharacterpartneremotional abuse

Best Friend

On my darkest days you have been my light

You have helped me to shine bright 

Always telling me that I belong

Always reminding me that I am enough

When my heart it blue

You are my glue

Nothing can describe the bond between me and you

You always see me through

Thank you for being my best friend, my sister, and simply you 


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best friendlovesisterconnectionbondhappinesslightshinebright

Thoughts' Pool


Lost into the pool of thoughts,

Thoughts of him with me...

Me, standing here for him,

Him, trying to make sense out of life...

Life, playing a pity game with us,

Us, still in love, deep love,

Love, may face lack of time,

Time will fly in a jiffy,

Jiffy, a moment of him & mine,

Mine, he will be...

Be forever!

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Love lost love foundlovebondfirst love


Moments are lived with in

Cuffing links 

Are locked within

There’s a gap in there

Its not secure

She’s going to slip away

His past comes to light

Holding her heart tight

Eyes feel with sham and fear

Heart is a game

But its playing in life

Scared to quit

What can be love

From when they first began

Mentally she was second

By the minute and second

She w...

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They lived their lives not too far apart

Both in age as well as distance

Born to families true and strong

Their days where filled with laughter

For him she was the sister he never had, he just forgot to tell her 

At 21 they left their homes to make their way and somehow their contact faltered

Then one evening after a concert pure with joy

In a crowded station she spotted his f...

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Ode To Eva

You are sunkissed hair

All seaside skin

The tomboy princess

Scraped knees, bruised shins.


A tree climbing angel

My hide and seek belle

All beauty and promise

Like an old wishing well.


Such a natural leader

As you're learning and growing

You shine like a beacon

So head strong and knowing.


Bringing joy in abundance

As I watch you develop


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