Song for Laura Lee

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Laura Lee, she was my first love
tangled in her parents’ bedsheets
and shadows from the attic window
With my army-surplus shirt
slipping from her shoulders

Laura Lee, she was my first love
my first taste of intimacy
her loving hands upon me
guiding that desire, so deftly
through our discovery and naivety

Laura Lee, she was my first love
our fumbled teenage kisses
quickly blossomed and were washed
in ever deeper waves of lust
and learning a new language 

Laura Lee, she was my first love
she taught to me the chorus
of that lover’s song
she handed me the blueprints
I would forever build upon

Laura Lee, she was my first love
I’d ascend for hours into
the bottomless darkness of her eyes
and the lines of those lips
her quiet radiant beauty

Laura Lee, she was my first love
as I learned how two hearts will knot
a little death, a birth
as she sang the lover’s song
deep into me

It’s a melody I'll chase
Thank you, thank you for the tune
I’ve carried always
with me...



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Thu 27th Aug 2020 10:50

Thank you Neressa, Kate, Jordyn, Greg and Julie for the likes. Really pleased you enjoyed.

And thanks Kate, I certainly think those of us lucky enough to have good memories to look back on, should take a moment to appreciate them from time to time 😃

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Kate G

Wed 26th Aug 2020 11:04

Ahhh, the magic of young love captured with great eloquence. Lovely Tom. Brought back memories

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