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latest tears not necessary

descending like ripe apples

hapless hints of discontent

the dew sunlight dapples


I remember when we met

calf with a hint of muscle

smile like morphine drops

amid a mad festive bustle


not a gratuitous weeping

eyes dry as desert dunes

she swayed like Salome

irrespective of the tunes


veils swathe damp eyes

dismantled all...

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As I recall, you cried the first night we met

I found it unusual though charming

Soon it became clear you cried too easily

That daily weep was something alarming


Tears should be for special occasions

Justified by unmitigated joy or grief

Not turned on like a tap by ephemera

But controlled, orderly and brief


I decided to give you something to cry at

Began to roa...

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Air Worthiness


Air Worthiness


The Harris hawk is sleek and fast; fine-boned,

she swoops free from an armoured glove

towards some distant, perfect perch,

only then to see and hear the falconer's call; to search,

then sweep down to the hand that feeds and nurtures.

A hooded hostage; in restless freedom she presents a bleeding dove.


Trimmed hawks hunt in packs on Argentine pampas...

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