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The first touch of our lips

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You left a particle of amber, the most beautiful,

at the first touch of my lips


The sweetness, the source of your breath,

I felt joy and began living; 

I drank the gentle breeze of your kisses

on a winter's night


Something divine, transfigured,

drawn without words;

the glory of being in your arms 


We shared the sky at night and honey at dawn,

for betwee...

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From Friendship to Love

The deepest love does not rest
In just lips or eyes
Or kisses or caress
Carried in gentleness
Across the wind,

But rather an emotion
That hangs on your thoughts
Whether across meadows
Bathed in frozen dew
Or listening to raindrops

Developing slowly over time
Like a detective novel
Opening up in soft layers
Until the meaning stares you
Straight in the face

Across borrowed harbo...

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Human Wreckage

See their faces so jaded

With all the torturous barking they hear

Over and over and over again

Assaulting their innocent ears

Our mouths keep spitting out poison

There’s bile wrapped in every word

After all these years of affection

How did our love become so absurd?


And I hope, just hope

You sleep sound and safe in your single bed on this night

I kn...

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Tenderness has million of faces and names,

Tenderness has million of secrets and signs.

It is in the autumns rains,

It is in the young wines.


Tenderness is a high flying bird,

It’s in the light breath of the wind.

It can be everywhere heard,

It can never be sinned.


Tenderness can be in crystal tears

Shining on your eyelashes.

It can be i...

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The Kiss

the kiss shouted passionately
you anguished tenderly
we kissed a placid mouth late
a desire loved us
the flower cuddled the languishing kiss slowly
she anguished desperately
a breeze anguished
the nice kiss anguished
a misery danced for you
the stormy love shouted tenderly

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