A Hunger

Cracker Barrel shouldn't make you cry. 
That is a sentence that no one should have to explain.
Facebook, should occasionally make you cry.
That's a sentence that I think most people don't have to explain.


Sad children in a country that I probably couldn't find if I researched every piece of paper with any writing on it in my house.

Which is a lot.

Just for reference.



That I can understand.

There's a reason, logical and direct reasoning for a stream of tears to fall down ones face.


But when you live in a house, owned by your mother. Lawn mowed by your stepdad. Food bought by mom. House cleaned, occasionally, by yourself.



And you see them at a cracker barrel.


With your stepbrother and his cute girlfriend.


And they didn't invite you.




You know you left that sadfaced emoji on purpose. You know that you'll rip its frowning mouth open when mom asks why you sent that, and you'll pull the strings and make it laugh away and say 'Whoops, oh shit that was supposed to be a laughing face! hahaha'


Stop it.


Just knock it off.


You don't have a reason to cry. You don't get to do that.


S t o p.


You take everything, you think you're doing good but why don't you have a car.


Why can't you turn the wheel without crying when you want to pull yourself down a better road.



Why couldn't you of done that when you were supposed to sign up for your third year of school.



You keep hitting the breaks




You can't stop




No job




Burden Burden Burden Burden Burden Burden Burden Burden.




And then your old roomate sent you a confession.


She cries a lot.

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