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Waiting For The Last Ritual

The rain with its cosmic eyes

Keeps knocking at the windowpane

Trembling with each steps

With all her secrets in every drop, one by one.


The evening was waiting for the

Magical secret manuscripts

For her readers. It was dark like prison cells.

Waiting in a row for the final sentence.


The room was empty with the silence

Of the graveyard, exce...

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I Love Your Allure

I would never question your narrative— as it be, figuratively.

Cheers to another year: it’s ever clear — our glasses never get drunk.

(for all intents and purposes) spirited twin flames pour out libations to a personal god
No half truths with you.
I idolize your third eyes outlook on life...
Our inner visions - seen to fruition - showcase infinite possibilities
Granted we share the same ...

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Long distance Love

Days pass way too fast

It's hard to invision, that we'll last

Running onwards, aimlessly

Without allowing our truths, to set us free


When will we gain control?

Stop plodding on too slow?

Not one of us really knows,

We just continue with the flow


I dream of the day, they set us free

Finally able to live the way, we want to be

Just me and you for eternity


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Meant for Me

When everything is so bleak and dark
I dream of the day we will never have to part
You're my everything and my heart
I knew you were meant  for me from the start

I know your intentions are true
Because you feel the way I do you
Your eyes so honest and so blue
Loving me in all the ways I need you to

As time goes on I find myself mending
Because no longer am I alone fending
Against thi...

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First Valentine Day's

this is our first year

which was filled with love, doubt and fear

yet we never went far

we are standing like a tower.


we have our ups and downs

sometimes we act like clowns

sometime we simply just fight 

till our veins become white.


the thought of loosing be still in my head

when i sleep in our bed

yet when i turn around 

its my true love that i have foun...

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romantic poetry

Will You?

OMG! thats all i can say

you really look beautiful by the way

i have fallen in love all over again

just want to kiss you in the rain.


my heart just skipped a beat

i could just feel its heat

even thought its cold outside

thats why i want you by my side.


i cant get my eyes of your pic

it feels like i am holding your face and giving you a hic

no matter how many...

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romantic poetry


How can I tell her that I love her?

How can I show her my true feelings?

If the words “I Love You” are dwarfed compared to what I feel.

Not even all the jewelry and roses of the world could equal her beauty.


How can I describe to her?

That every time I see her my surroundings cancel out.

She is my center of attention,

That for her my heart aggressively pounds.



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Her, Love

I’m here to tell you
that she is

My Jamia
My Adrienne
My Lyn-Z

My Sally
My Morticia
My April
My Pam

My stars in the cold black night
My punk rock Queen

She’s a rebel
She’s a riot
She’s a muse

And I’ll always wear her heart proudly on my sleeve
her love is my energy
her love is my gasoline

and we’re burning bright.

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My lips have forgotten you



My lips have forgotten you,

your love is past tense

My desire has wilted away

so my heart has judged


After all, the kisses born on that rendezvous

where blown away…


No, it's not that I want to elude you,

It's that you no longer exist within me

It was your betrayal,

your suffocating rendition,

cold mornings between my sheets,


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romantic poetry




You sent me

flowers as an


to my work email



It wasn’t

quite the



I was

looking for.


I replied

with a

JPEG of a



I never


a postmaster



so you must have got the message.


From my new book - 'Working Extra Hours Ha...

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