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Don't look back (don't ever do that)


Don't look back

don't ever do that

the past lives there

with its wild despair,

its puddles of pity

all dark and gritty.

There's joy there too,

and patches of blue.

The mean ol' reds,

where you lost your head. 

A kaleidescope of feeling

to keep you reeling.


Be where you stand,

see what's at hand:

marvels to see,

new ways to be,

colors so cle...

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Color Matters

Color Matters

Many people discuss white privilege.
Other folks just can't fathom it.
Some will think they know.

When you live it each day
in your heart and bones,
what is there to think?

White folks can snooze here.

Now let's talk light privilege.
Here we mean shades of color.
Lighter shades are easier accepted.

There was a dark girl in my Junior High School.
She used Nadilon...

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Blue color

The color of water and sky,

Symbolizing airiness and lightness

. The color that makes me fly,

Bringing serenity and calmness.

There is peace in my soul

When blue color I see.

It’s my confidence and parole,

With this color, I feel free.

Everything divine is in this color

. For me,​ it is always solar

. It creates an atmosphere of trust,

It tells me when to be just.


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Roses are grey 

violets are grey 

no I’m not a dog

just can’t get colors to stay


I am colorblind 

no big deal, just lots grey

I don’t mind it, truly

it’s what I’m used to, day after day


Something’s always missing

is it blue? Maybe red. 

How should I know the difference? 

my senses are dead 


I’ve heard of lavender 

A light but loving color


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lovecolorcolorblindlove storyloversromance


color used to be a distant memory.

I had seen the world in black and white for so long 
I couldn't even tell you the shades in a rainbow.

I had gotten used to playing along
when people would say 
"look at how bright! look at how wonderful! look at how vivid! look at how beautiful the world is!"
I would smile 
and say 
yeah, it's amazing
when all I saw were dismal shades of grey and bl...

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Poetry mix


Time goes on

The world does too

Our Nature grows and dies

Our technology expands and flies

We manifest and destroy

To make ends meet

Even with passing days

We forget about the increasing heat

Or the decreasing ice sheets

Nothing seems important

To global tyrants and corporations

But money and power

At the cost of decreasing our showers

We accept it whic...

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Old & New

Shuttles soar with seemingly unprecendented motion.
The children's eyes gaze to the floor.
The ground is green and brown and yellow.
The world below cannot bellow.

Bellow whole-heartedly,
Sing and hum its' tune.
A melody, sweet melody.
A rotation for all of you.

Its' sweet chillness pressed against the nostrils,
Its' gentle warmth against the skin.
Allow the gaze of the star above,

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A silent, night sky is loud with the city’s glow.

Reflections upon the water; lead thoughts below.

the humming is fuel to the fire,

    for the electric, funeral pyre.

Colors show who you really are around here,

    there is no time for fear.

Or is there? - where’s little sister?

    If you see her, say I miss her.


Rain beating down like laughter on my ears;


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