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Don't look back (don't ever do that)


Don't look back

don't ever do that

the past lives there

with its wild despair,

its puddles of pity

all dark and gritty.

There's joy there too,

and patches of blue.

The mean ol' reds,

where you lost your head. 

A kaleidescope of feeling

to keep you reeling.


Be where you stand,

see what's at hand:

marvels to see,

new ways to be,

colors so cle...

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Sparkle Sun

Sparkle sun

as the world rewinds

power enfolds

and we forget


Traps are set

the unwary will fall

Those left standing

will weep in the knowing


The way was lost

through greed and lust

Communion of souls

abandoned for fear


Learn to love

Learn to share

or we will fall

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side effects




swallowed whole

stomach churns

muscles tense

thoughts clench

teeth gnash

focus: complete





bubbles up

tingles spine

obliterates pain

tickles fancies

obscures truth

color: rose





creates space

lacks emotion

reveals truth

sparks creation

stirs change

power: infinite

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You once asked me why I loved you


You once asked me why I loved you.


I didn’t know what to say.


Because you are kind,

like a viper, killing quickly.


Or because you’re wicked smart,

like a jungle cat stalking its prey.


Because you see me, deeply,

that much is true.


I didn’t know what to say,

so I didn’t say anything at all.


In the silence that has settled

in the ye...

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broken lovehealingreflection

when my pencil hits the paper


when my pencil hits the paper

and my brain begins to race,

my hand cannot keep up

with the unruly pace.


my scribbles become springs

bouncing up and down the page

with an energy quite erratic,

full of angst, or joy, or rage.


I submit myself to thee,

oh Goddess of the pen!

I beg for illumination,

for the power to go within


to unearth the sticky...

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I push away the ending of the day


I push away the ending of the day


when I gaze in the mirror

cleaning my teeth

back and forth  

back and forth

repetitive motion, much like the day’s comings

and goings, 

a reflection of the darker side of boredom 


when the house feels not like a home,

so very still and empty of life,

I hear the cars passing on the freeway,

miles away,

while all is...

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Meditation on My Happy Place


The world struts and saunters with its many wide wonders

  but nothing compares to my happy place

My thoughts still and slow and I let things go

  when I rest inside my happy place

My fancies run wild and I feel like a child

  when I play within my happy place

I build mind castles and deflate mighty hassles

  when I scheme inside my happy place

I feel sad and alone, so...

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happy placeHealingsafe place

Endless Now


Tomorrow comes never

Today will always last

Yesterday is a figment of imagination,

an insubstantial past.


What will I do with this endless now?

Claw backward searching for things that are lost?

Live in search of memories long gone,

chasing ghosts, no matter the cost?


I’ve been down that road — 

it travels an endless loop,

repeating the same scenery


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NowBeing presentLetting go of the past

Two Toads


Two toads sitting on a log


One toad pushes the other in

and chuckles to himself

that he always wins


The second toad surfaces 

with a satisfied smile

happy to be in the water

where he’d craved to be

all the while


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