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Roses are grey 

violets are grey 

no I’m not a dog

just can’t get colors to stay


I am colorblind 

no big deal, just lots grey

I don’t mind it, truly

it’s what I’m used to, day after day


Something’s always missing

is it blue? Maybe red. 

How should I know the difference? 

my senses are dead 


I’ve heard of lavender 

A light but loving color

but my favorite it pink

it’s like purple but… smaller? 


Pink is for girls 

or so I’ve been told 

they show it with love 

only, not so bold 


Maybe love is red

a bit darker, more lust

red is intimidating 

it’s… harder to trust? 


I speak of these colors 

though I know nothing at all

I grew up alone

with just one, small, grey doll 


the doll was my friend 

had her til I was old 

she helped me through life 

every problem I told 

She was a grey doll 

grey hair, and grey eyes 

I told her my troubles

all my troubles with guys 


Like the troubles I had with that boy from the church

the one who I loved but knew not enough 

the boy who I trusted 

until things got too rough 


She told me no worries 

men do things like that

she told me no worries

I shouldn’t be a brat. 


So I went on with her

my grey doll and grey world 

until I saw my first color

caught my eye as it twirled


the first color I spoke of

do you remember what I said? 

the color was purple 

it was purple on someone’s head 


what kind of a color is purple to have? 

Hair is grey, that I know

hair is boring, I thought

hair should never have that much a glow


the purple got closer 

to me did it speak 

"Would you like do dance?"

and my knees went weak 


We danced and we spun

as I turned, my world exploded 

a sea of bright colors 

a sea on which I floated 


his hand left my hand

and again, all was dark

all but one thing 

that small purple mark


To my doll I told

I think I saw color!

Oh hush, she told me

but I couldn’t help but wonder


again, a grey world

grey boys and grey tears

who knew I wouldn’t even have to wait

wouldn’t even have to wait years 


I was a colorblind girl 

but now I sit with my red

(though once he was purple)

he calls himself “dead” 


I was a colorblind lass 

now my whole world is full 

of bright gorgeous paint

out of the darkness, he pulled


I am a colorful girl 

will red cheeks and red hair

so long as he’s by my side

my world will never again be bare


My love is my color

not red, or pink, nor purple

my love is my flower 

a flower of indescribable color. 

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