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Movies take us to a wonderful place, 
One which may be slow or very fast paced. 
They can make us smile and can make us laugh. 
They can be set in the future or set in the past.

There are action adventures with lots of fighting, 
Which can be gripping and very exciting. 
Or do you prefer ones of love and romance? 
Or ones that are full of music and dance?

And then there are those who l...

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FilmsMoviesStuart Vanner


I’ve watched you turn your back on me time and time again, I thought you could only rewind movies.

I was living in one you never wanted to be apart of and yet I continued filming you and you kept hiding. 

Now i’m stuck pressing rewind on a bunch of blank movie tapes. Because of you I fucking hate going to the movies.

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Fifty Shades......

Waiting in hot anticipation

It's been too long

Since our paths did cross


I may need to brush up

Before the main event

Eight months and counting.


Mr Grey will see you now!

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50 Shades of Greymoviestrailer


(This isn't quite right but here goes . .)



Now there’s a word I’ve longed to say

Let me be a film director just for a day

I’d bathe my sets with natural light

And keep my close ups tight

I’d cast a beautiful girl as my star

and keep her key light bright

She’d be in all my master shots

And I’d fade the soundtrack in soft


(Dissolve shot of Within...

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Zorro's Children

entry picture
Zorro’s children



on rainy Saturday mornings

a well-spent ninepence

was all it took

to leave a headscarfed mother

in some chattering queue

for luncheon meat

or lardy cake

and step inside the transport

taking us

to Planet Zog

Or Dead Man’s canyon

via Keystone or some cartoon city


fortified with Mojos

and Mambo juice

in strange shaped cartons

we’d jostle for the back r...

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