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I: skeleton

Face like stone

Hard to read

I find myself taking pride

In my totem pole

Of expressions, I can hide

Masterfully deceptive

Every bit secretive

All heart without sleeves

Makes it easier to breathe

But being naked

Really stripping off

And just letting everyone watch

That is true strength

True power

Is knocking down this tower

Being bare

Just a sk...

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A Taste Of Romance

Sweet at the tip

Then flavour slides

Take another sip

Sour at the sides

Swilling around

Taste starts 

To lack

Now all

That's left

Is bitter

At the


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I look on as your clothes slowly glide to the floor.
The tempatation is strong to tightly hold you,
but I want to caress and stroke you
lightly and softly until you melt under my fingers.

A gentle touch around your soft firm breasts.
My mind becomes a peaceful haven 
where only thoughts of affection reside.

My tongue slides gently around you hardened nipple
and I hear a soft groan.


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