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Planted Seeds

I planted some seeds
I watched them grow
They got stronger each day
They are flowers now
The petals are vibrant
They’ve come to life
They blow in the breeze
They reach up to the light
Independent and free
They stand so tall
Bask in the sun
From the early morn
As the night time comes
They go to sleep
Until the next new dawn
And the little birds tweet
Then they rise again
Looking pr...

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I was young

I was young .. A simple statement that is the answer to many questions I am presented with 


Why did you get drunk, and throw up in the hall way? 

Why did you leave school, and truant all day? 

How did you get pregnant, at just seventeen? 

Why did you marry him, given what you had seen? 

Doesn't it feel silly, divorcing already? 

You're only 21, doesn't your life seem so craz...

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