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On The Train This Morning

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On the train this morning
I sat alone, by the window
Where normally there’d be coffee, warm
and all the world’s news in my ear

Instead, I chose dry silence
I chose the undulating wildness
strobing past my view way
I chose high green hills
and glinting mirrored rivers 
I chose lone trees, centuries old
strong against the elements
I chose lambs and sheep
moving in pairs or herds
I chose crumbling village churches
relics from another time
I chose ephemeral clouds casting singular shadows
on a patchwork quilt of fields
I chose my train jockeying with another
for a brief moment on parallel lines
I chose the things closer, moving faster
and the distant, cantering by

Two hours of peace and natural rhythms
two hours of looking beyond my reflection
two hours of seeing this land in all its beauty
two hours, I sorely needed...


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Tue 11th Jun 2024 14:19

Thank you David and Héléne for the lovely comments, I'm glad you enjoyed this little moment of mindful bliss. And David, absolutely agreed there; a hypnotic train journey is a great place for many things; getting some work or writing done or emptying your mind and looking past the news and its endless barrage of social problems which plague this country and see through to the beauty. I also love a music recommendation and this one was no exception, a great song and I've added it to my current playlist. Thank you!

Thank you also to Tom, Trevor, Stephen, Stephen, Aisha, Holden and Tim for reading this one and the 'likes'. 😃

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Tue 11th Jun 2024 01:08

Truly wonderful poem, Tom. Enjoyed reading your comment, David. The poem felt soothing, like the rhythm of a train ride. Stellar imagery.

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David RL Moore

Mon 10th Jun 2024 11:36

I agree with your choice of calm.

It is not easy to disengage from our inner noise let alone the external noise of the world. Train journeys are pretty good for escaping, although becoming less so it seems.

I find more and more it is only the landscape beyond the bustle of human life that brings peace, even then there are constant notes of our interference with it...not exclusively objectionable I would add.

It is a good idea to unplug ourselves from the constant drip of news and marketing that we are often subliminally subjected to.

There is a beautiful song by Elbow & John Grant called "Kindling" which I will post below. It concerns a journey of a man returning to a lover by train and although not particularly about inner quiet there is a verse which refers to the journey which contains the line "and the Wheat Fields explode into gold either side of the train" if ever there was a line I wish I had written it would be that one.

Train journeys can be hypnotic and we can attain a trance like state. I think your poem reflects that, the song line I refer to reminded me of that feeling of the elevation of spirit.

A lovely gentle poem of contemplation and suggestion.


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