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I'm in the gap

I think I hung myself in your tears

Yeah, the other day I realised

One noose, one tear drop - same shape.

I choked on the salt of it

eternally thirsty now

When they fell from your eyes

they looked like showers of broken glass

How I wished I could have swallowed that instead

I think that would hurt less

I’ve got 6 bruises, 7 cuts, 3 scars

I’m still counting.

But why...

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From brisance condensed in hatred

ignition came,

like the dormant dust of ages,

from careless words and truth-less history,

it came.


Some unknown, immolated, evaporated, disappeared.

Others reconstituted, pulling limbs and minds together.

Whilst the lost fragmented to darker corners,

into the splintered flash of a moment, screaming for eternity.


Thunder ro...

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This one comes from some older stuff of mine, written whilst dealing with what i didnt realise was a depression / anxiety disorder at the time.  Thankfully now its under control, but reading this back makes me remeber just how black things were back then.


Darkness; continuous, deep, perpetual darkness.

Constant.  Soulless.  Empty dark space.

It laps at the edges, frayed edges of my c...

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Battle of One

To the death, we say,
Breath licked with flame, spits to my face;
His face.
Racing temples pump furious blood
Through ferrous veins,
Manes rise, eyes blister with relentless rage;
Then, clenched fists draw clotted blood
Through plum knuckles.
My neck buckles,
His neck,
Cracking bone like tinder,
The interweave of puffed ribs and scarlet skin
Glisten with fetid sweat;
I rea...

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Ascending and turning to the right I shield my eyes to the horrors before me.

I don’t want to look but I know what is there – it is the unbegotten,

all swirling in flames, flesh falling from their burning bones.

Writhing in eternal damnation. Am I to become one, or am I to watch from the edge of hell as they burn? I am being drawn into this vision, this nem...

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