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Twisted Roots

Alone stands modern man,          product of products for

Hair, skin, white-teeth, tan;         ethos came shop bought and canned.

Artificed for ease of use                 synthetic fibres force away

Weather’s organic abuse,             like a magnet repellent to life.

Even here, in this place where                    the pace of life slows into seasons,

Time and space to replace c...

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Moonlit Garden

What hides amid the darkness,

absent of the sunlight,

In the dimly moonlit garden,

deep into the night.


Yesterday's glimpse of a weasel

hiding in my well,

led me to wonder, a curiosity

I need to quell.


I may set up a night cam,

to snap jumping frogs

and capture the visitations

from prickly hedgehogs.


Hopeful there would be a fox,

two cubs by he...

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The evening sun scorches the shade.

The trees, in their glade, are forced to choose;

Stand tall and brave - or turn to crave

the cool safety of the dusk.


Like soldiers from another age, they are proud and tall,

Defenders of nature with their all.

Their bark tells the story, of seasons full of change.


Frost. Ice. Mud. Heat. Few, then a lot... of peoples feet.



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The Eagle (To Be Read Aloud with Vigor)

Fastly, swiftly, we run our race

The fire burns as we keep up the pace

Fly across the sky at night

An eagle flying in the red twilight

Then slow ---

Slow we flow

Slow like water

Slow like snow

How'd you know what your life's about

Up and down and in and out

Never stop and never go

The river's rest is slow to come

The eagle's nest is hidden from

The eagle's si...

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eaglenature.poems on spirituality

Earth and Sky

So many shades of green

Lime, fern, shamrock, juniper and parakeet

Some bask in the island sun

While others sway in the cool shade of lazy clouds

They all climb

So many shades of green

They all climb

But they never reach the wide blue 

And the blue can never desecnd 

What is there to do?

Let it rain, let it rain

The sky goddess shed tears for the earth god


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