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Some produce from sleep deprivation...


Eyelids fall and so do we
from this rope a wishful me,
No ground to touch, no cold hard floor
fully circle, no breaks, so sure.

Or is it warm?
Does it cushion the smash?
Cover sharp corners, prevent the thrash?
Then there's the harness
stopping it all,
Those big icey eyeballs
Keeping you cool

I don't want the harness
I just want the fa...

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Sin by Sin


living sin by sin
the worst shadows are those I feel
sweepng my brow when eyes are squeezed,
brushing my diastolic dreams
when umbral curve eclipses my hold and
pries it from the highest wires all that bears
my worth, in such slow regard, recedes
and as I fall the angle is that Jesus saves,
this thrift expains the reason then he leaves
so ma...

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Great Warmth of a Curious Heart

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Lurking in the natural world
there are sentences, still unspoken
always waiting to be written
frozen in time
waiting for the great warmth 
of a curious heart

Haunting at the edges of the living world
are spirits of the unspoken connectivity in people
dead and alive, the as-yet unborn
caught between planes
waiting for the flashlight beam
of a curious heart

There is an untapped seem ...

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