To The Addicts Of The World

To The Addicts Of The World

Cunning baffling and powerful are the words used to describe,
The truth of what addiction is, it will take your life with a knife.
Everything you thought you were becomes lost,
All that you cherish and love, gone at what cost?

Millions of people struggle everyday and it's truly tough,
Knowing that one is too many and a thousand never enough.
Pot, heroin, meth, or alcohol, doesn't make a difference,
Addicts always wonder if sobriety is in the distance.

Jails, institutions, and death are literally the only fates that await,
If they don't cling to sobriety today, because tomorrow may be too late.
People overdose every single day, your life for drugs is a lot to trade.
The next hit you take may be the ultimate price you pay.

To all the addicts of the world that live in ongoing pain,
Before you snort that line, take that puff or hit that vein,
Contemplate what's at stake, what you'll lose and gain.
What you think is a high isn't happiness; so please just abstain.

Abstain from the self destruction of your body and soul,
Give it all up now, and you could still make yourself whole.
One day I pray that sobriety will be the high-in-me,
And when I reach that point in life, I will hold on to it entirely.

2017.02.27.            -kS

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