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Tears Of NostalgiaĀ 

When will incessant rains will stop its sorrow,

when the deadlines of late assessments deepen the thoughts flow..

Thought after thought, with flourish and flow of

One's fond memories they keep inside their soul šŸ’˜šŸŒ¬ļø

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The Loss

Every loss is felt

Just as a ripple is speltĀ in water

Ever decreasing, calming asunder


A clock ticks in a house even emptier than before

The dark lingers in aĀ hallĀ still and sure

The cat rules now

Wondering why and how


Water weeps from a pungent wound

Never to be cleaned but to neglect and fester

Such a thought no beautiful sight could hinder

Leaving the los...

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Karma's Consequence

Now Iā€™ll be like your ghostĀ 

Youā€™ll feel me everywhereĀ 

But Iā€™ll be nowhere to be seenĀ 

Haunted by my memoriesĀ 

Tortured by my presence in your heartĀ 

And Iā€™ll miss youĀ 

Like the deserts miss the rainĀ 

And as you wander in search of othersĀ 

To fill the void, gain a sense of fulfilmentĀ 

As your luck and name change meaningĀ 

Youā€™ll soon begin to realise

All roads lea...

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meandering transfixed sans temporal landmarks (24/10/2022)

every day
itā€™s all
the same.

together, it blurs. coagulates.
fills furrow-trod brain grooves
like grout. experience withers

on the vine, in the leaves, leaves
little brittle dust-skeletons
decomposing on the bathroom tile

so deficient they canā€™t grow a gardenā€”
only this greying grieving heaving
metastasising mass breathing

again again again
once more once more
the same the sa...

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timestagnationgriefcapitalism is a disease

Left behind

Gone but never forgotten, is what they love to say,

but those waves will still hit, like nuclear shit,

Since the day we parted ways.


Just like that radioactive breath, that rots us to the core,

And eats us away, day by day, until once was becomes no more.


See the peace for you becomes my pain, your dreams became my twisted reality,

For the agony that you leave behind, w...

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loss of lifegriefsuicide held at baythose left behindlovefriendship

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