Salvage the Unsalvageable

To salvage the unsalvageable, you must first believe you can

For it's something that will deteriorate beneath a trembling hand.

You must fight, lie, cheat, steal, plead for a second chance

But you must also know that the first is undoubtedly your last glance.

You can clutch and grab all that you can but come the beginning of the night,

What you say will be okay will never be alright!

Now, once things go downhill, they can only go more awry

And all this will be illuinated with the coming of dawn's light.

Okay? Okay- this word doesn't even exist!

It's either something's great, or something's gone terribly amiss!

And I have yet to feel this state of so-called "heavenly bliss"

But if given the chance to feel it, there's no way I could resist.

Because I'm crazy! I know- I'm going out of my mind!

Because no matter how hard I work- no matter how hard I try-

When I salvage the unsalvageable, it withers up and dies.

And it blows away within the wind before my very eyes.

Then I can't help but watch the pieces drift away.

I watch those pieces of myself drift farther every day

Until I no longer see them and they're a part of the distant past-

A dream I held so close to me that, of course, did not last.


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