This One Is For Every Friendship Lost

It’s hard to look at pictures of me from high school

You’re in all of the stories

The prom after-party, beside me in chorus

And now we don’t speak.

But if you called

I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone

Drive anywhere you needed me

But we don’t need each other anymore, do we?

You could say that I missed too much

You and he are no longer together

You were so many miles away

You made new friends

But when I called, there was never an answer.

I would say that you missed too much

There’s little resemblance to who I was

When you knew me.

This is the definition of a tragedy

That my old best friend doesn’t know who I am

yet here I am, wishing for an open door

And a response.

I had always thought you’d be at my wedding

And right now, I have a ring but

I don’t even get a congratulations

And I’m still wishing…

How pathetic.

  • I hate high school me for imagining some things last forever.

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