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Identity-A Tautacrostic

Death, delicately descend
Earthed, eased enter electrifiying endeavors, ever ecstatic embark!
Nirvana's nimble nestling
Tranquilly tread towards Terminal Time
Invested in incandescent intrigues
Tempestuous, temperamental, truth-tethered
Yesterday's yellow yawns; yearning... Yours, yielded? Yes!

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Deliver- A Tautacrostic

Deliver devoid doom-drunken dwellers drifting downriver, drive deltawards!
Eminent essence enthralling eager enduring ears, ensuring everlasting existence
Let lessons leant linger luminously leading lost link lifewards, lighwards, lovewards
Ivory intricate immaculate illuminated ideas intriguing irresistible inwardly incandescence
Vanity vanishing victoriously, vast verisimilitude vintage vour...

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I Strode Sure- A Tautacrostic

If I insist, illusions imitate impertinent intrepidness


Scar-souled, still striding surely since sunrise shone
Trying to thwart time, to taste the terrestrial teal tone
Rapt, roused, relieved, reminiscing rigidness ridded
Outlive oracles' omens, obsolete orderers ousted
Death did dare drive dear darling daft, delusional
Estranging, Errant Equalizer; elicit, entirely essential



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Waste no time

Open your mind

Now is always the moment

Do not hesitate, investigate

Every second is new

Resplendent in its ability to inspire curiosity



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The Nature of Things

Behaving in a manner true to oneself

  Even if no one else approves

    In this life, one thing is certain

      No one can really ever walk in your shoes

         Great are the mysteries before us 

Having bled and willing to bleed

   Unleashing it all in a chorus

      Music for all who have ears

        Actions will always speak louder

          No more shall I live in...

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Chanting prayers, dreaming of ships just beyond the horizon,

Another day, another hour, just another minute he wishes to live.

No other choice but one, no other food, no other flesh but his own.

No other way to feed his unfortunate child.

In the middle of nowhere, on this desolate rock, he cut his upper arm.

Blood, not a drop allowed to waste, meat, sickening yet juicy sweet


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Rage, rage, rage!

Ruthless rivals ramble raw rubbish; raving, ranting, rotting. Rage rage rage!

Anonymous, apathetic anguished alone; awaiting answers, Rage rage rage!

Gleeful, glorified greedy geniuses generating glad-gospels, Rage rage rage!

Evil egomaniacs' endless embellished epics echo eternally, Rage rage rage!

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Acrosticexperimental poetry












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New Friend

Bipolar one disorder. I did not flinch. Warm and genuine, I liked him right away.

Open mike night. He played guitar. Part of the regular crowd. I had seen him many times, always with a   smile.

Beer was good and we talked over the music. It was only our second meeting, yet the conversation flowed   with ease. Relaxed and natural.

Been a lawyer he had. But not the "good kind" and he gave m...

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acrosticconnectionsmaking friendsmental illnesssaying helloshyness



Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour
Heart is put into everything
I try to be a good person
Really love my family
Lets things pile up
Everyday struggles with depression
Yet keep trying





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Metaphor, Acrostic

Hope is like

A bird that

Perches in the soul.

Passes time

Yearning for adventure.

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Dictionary (acrostic)

Dr Johnson's work of art
Inspired some to look up 'fart'
Caused others though to search with ease
Thoughtful terms like 'whiffy breeze'
In those great enlightened days
One could get folk to mend their ways
Now alas, it's plain to see 
All too many are stuck, like me
Rambling through a short word stock
Yet still his book thwarts writers block

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Pandemonium (acrostic)

Peace and dialogue are rejected
Anarchy with chaos breeds and
No-one is safe from the claws of fear
Demons with devilish or "divine" intentions
Excrete their venom, make their motives clear
Milton gave us the word in Paradise Lost, an
Odious capital in the midst of Hell
Nearing beauty in its simple concept, but how to fight it?
I cannot tell, there's
Unease and violence in the maelstrom, ...

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Forever in your eyes

Forever in your eyes
On the darkness of June
Reserved for a love
Ever fleeting so soon
Valuable time,leaving us fast
Exacting us both,into the past
Reserving a night,for heavenly bliss
Into our last night,into our last kiss
Neither one of us knew,nor had a clue
Years are all we had,and would have to do
On forever love,we put up a fight
Usually people with cancer.still have a life

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SCATTERBRAINED (acrostic sonnet?)

Scarcely have I thought to act in good time,

Challenging for me to remember things.

All that information lost from my prime,

Trust my memory to glide off on wings!

Those commodities I forgot to buy

Especially at supermarket stores,

Reaching home without them making me sigh

Because I have to go straight back outdoors.

Reality check comes when I appear

At venues having lef...

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Not White To Weft (early poem for public art sculpture in Oldham)



Lay flat and spun together you’ve always run  a town,

each  part is party to the next and  grown

separately  we conflict and seethe  from

it  and sneer from it, no one is happy in  slavery

wouldn’t  talking be a step, food too  and

work  unites us, it’s not them making us  toil

we  all carry the can and  mustn’t

need  to chase our own tale to cause  blame

each  ti...

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Hidden Acrostic Poem














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