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Twice she looked, and smiled 
I said: "Hello"... She replied 
Before she leaves, I said: “see you” 
She became blushed as the bride 

Again, we met after a minute 
I heard her lovely sighs 
I said: "you are....", she said: right” 
Shaking hands by sight 

Purely, she asked to know 
Are you Farag, Are you poet 
I said true.  But again we met 
To inspire me to write

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Is it a Curse .. or God's Grace 
To live alone heart and place 
Suffering what I always face 
Hopeless to be myself again 


Are these changes good for me 
To be lonely always or not to be 
To live away of what I see 
I lost my hope and brain 


Sadly to wake up and sleep 
Painful to feel yourself cheap 
Living alone hurts in deep 
I wish to know why, but in va...

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