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Hands of Ankh

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Hands of Ankh


Kanjenga Maargwah,

Ingee – Ingee.

Kanjeng Maargweh,

Ingwa – Ingee.


Ifah Heylamdey -

Mukweyh Fulaniye,

Ingwe – Megwa.



Keysan Pulvavia Zem,

Ingew – Megweh.


Kafaluwahe Mezehen butwa,

Kufulu Kunjeng

Ankh Vit.

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Fear, expresses no emotion.

It neither wraps itself

In cotton anger, or

Brittle sanity.

It lives in the deepest part;

Of your dream.

Taking up room -

Where the life-force should be.


This living ghost,


It does not chew it's food,

It devours it.

No table is enough to

Satisfy it's cravings.

When every opportunity feeds


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The tree's huge canopy ~
Shares its movement in the Summer breeze.
But close your eyes
And you will hear
Them speak to each other.

Two lovers fight ~
Words hurled intent to violate the mind.
But open your heart,
And you will see
The fear in their eyes; fighting for themselves.

A son cries silently ~
As his mother spits his father's name on the floor,
As his fat...

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