Hands of Ankh

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Hands of Ankh


Kanjenga Maargwah,

Ingee – Ingee.

Kanjeng Maargweh,

Ingwa – Ingee.


Ifah Heylamdey -

Mukweyh Fulaniye,

Ingwe – Megwa.



Keysan Pulvavia Zem,

Ingew – Megweh.


Kafaluwahe Mezehen butwa,

Kufulu Kunjeng

Ankh Vit.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 7th Aug 2013 12:15

But, presuming the vowels are pronounced, the rhythm is superb. It just flows along like an ancient chant - with the murmured beat of drums under the fingers. I, too, would enjoy knowing what the words actually mean. While they don't sound aggressive, who knows?

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 1st Aug 2013 08:57

Eli is there a translation for this as it is very difficult to comment on in this form?

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