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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh on Suffolk
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I've got entangled in pure mystery

never endured a coquette so lewd,

her words twinkle like spangles but

despite all the glitter she's shrewd


I've come across some fast workers

in moments she had me unzipped

I'm far from a slouch at glib patter

in her sea-soiled face rests a crypt


its like being a drunken fire-eater

on a water-bed playing with fire

I've grow...

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The Sea

The sound of the sea

Poetry to my psyche

Siren's song to soul

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a bad lady's fallen down,

I bend to tender succour,

lean, quite ravaged now,

she used to be a looker


rheumy eye meets mine

sees me for an old lover

I ring for an ambulance

my raincoat for a cover


beyond speech, staring,

I stroke her grimy hand,

crowd standing apart, a

motley but curious band


she tries to speak, but

uttering merely tears,


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sirenloverbag ladycollapsememories

Quarry Hill Flats

these days you order on line

vans implement your wishes

no cash shall change hands

for suds or tempting dishes


different when I was a lad

delivery boy on black bike

box of groceries out front

what immobile ladies like


up stone stairs and knock

"come in for a cup of tea!"

listening to old loneliness

smells of body odour, pee


dreaded old Mrs Granell...

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flatson-linedelivery boybikelonelinesssirennegligeesperm


 Sleek, below indigo 

A mastery of dancing light,

She swims among waves.

Floating nothingness surrounds

Time stopped on beauty

As her deep eyes look up.

Diamond scales

And ivory hands

Reach toward sunlight.

Mysterious soul,

Treasured, rare wanderer,

Gyspy of the sea,

Song of timelessness,

and enduring breathlessness,

She swims eternal;

A captor of her s...

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We were getting on great before lockdown

The odd early night and a bottle of wine

But I knew my fate was sealed when

You bought lingerie and champagne on line


What used to be fun has become a nightmare

I've seen through these hot oriental sauces

Before long I think I'll go out of my mind

Because you're stretching my resources


Stretching, stretching, stretching my ...

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maybe mayhem

*Original date true, minor format edit in '²²


maybe you're amazed by mayhem.  sweet mayhem.

chaos colored lipstick screams, tumultuous as she licks her lips

a wild and tangled disarray, her hair - a disheveled decadent disorder

cascading down past swaying hips

rolling, undulating as she slips

her thoughts into your consciousness

ideas driven by desire i...

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As a former educator and writer on international relations, and especially on nuclear issues, my students often tried to inveigle from me my own position on the worst of all weapons. I never succumbed.





the distant siren

entices, fades;

Horizons clatter in fusillades,


cracking barrages warn the Furies

to grasp the running


of desir...

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Flamborough Head

Flamborough Head

the flimsy frame rattles
as a doom laden bellow
pierces the smoky milk
shrieking  away unwary
sailors straying close
to Yorkshires crumbling coast
like some creature
lost in torment

we cower
beneath dull yellow light
from sweet smelling
gas lamps
their cog wheels
turned up high
and wicks ablaze
to ward off the dark

a jigsaw unattended
its pieces spilling

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caravan. holidaychildhoodflamborough headfoglighthousesiren

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