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poemagraphic on 11/11 11:00 Memorial (8 hours ago)

maybe mayhem

maybe you're amazed by mayhem.  sweet mayhem.

chaos colored lipstick screams, tumultuous as she licks her lips

a wild and tangled disarray, her hair - a disheveled decadent disorder

cascading down past swaying hips

rolling, undulating as she slips

her thoughts into your consciousness

ideas driven by desire insinuate, penetrate

intoxicate, obliterate but never deviate

her ha...

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If there was no happieness
There would be nothing to enjoy.

If there was no sadness
There wouldn't be a care in the world.

If there was no friends
there would be loneliness everywhere.

If there was no uphill battles
there would be no courage
to keep on trying.

And if LIFE itself had nothing
imagine what LIFE would be....

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