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Been called a jabroni

for lighting a stogie.

Inhaling the relief,

exhaling my grief.

Dawn, August 13, 2023.

On my stoop I sit breathing

the aroma of the leaf.

Smoke caresses my cheek.

I inhale the thick smog,

my lungs give a cough.

Enjoy the taste of the leaf.

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I read a poem

improved version!

I read a poem

                about a dresser

                and all the memories it held.

I remembered

                one thing

                in a sideboard.

I remembered

                a long cone shape

                wrapped in cord

                containing something

                hard and dark brown, that smelled.

I never knew


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Blue Smoke Ghost

Blue Smoke Ghost


A matchbox scratch

A flare of light

The smell of sulphur


A yellow patch

Above his chair

On the ceiling


A row of pipes

Hung in a rack

Saliva drips


The suck

And suck

And suck on shank


Red glow

In the dusk

On a back step


The aroma

Of spices

In the ready-rub



Grey ash

From the c...

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Hit the homes of the less, Hit the SCUM of the projects, Drop a few bombs in the Sub Culture Urban Market, target the future smokers, smoke the future dealers, pull up in them vans, hand out vans and a few packs of cigs, Fact 79 the name of the game, selling the idea of a pack newports, over the idea of packing for cruises to lands on new ports, grandmamas got them, baby cousins watchin', second h...

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