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Hotel Harvest


Its quiet at 4am

the stairwells have fallen silent,

the fire exits finally close

all are in who’re coming in.


The Prince’s of The Kingdom,

away from their god away from their wives,

sleep sound with their cell phones close by,

their devout bellies swollen with forbidden liquor.


Such easy prey thinking themselves safe.


He moves with righteous purpose,


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Fuckety FucketyloyaltystupidityTreachery

Trust is an illusion

Trust is an illusion. A systematically flawed word. A total forgery of a statement. Trust assumes infallibility - without errors, mistakes or fuck ups. How do we trust others when we can't even trust ourselves .. If the potential gain outweighs the potential risk we're likely to oblige. Whether the repercussions be momentary or long standing, we're going to indulge in whatever we feel is beneficia...

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entry picture

She’s the one we could rely on

when things were sorely scarce,

to always find a way to get by

when it went from bad to worse.


She’s the one true matriarch,

the gel at the center of all,

never too far away from us;

never more than a call.


Sacrificing all she had,

for us, her flesh and blood,

always standing second place

to the family’s common good.



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