Trust is an illusion

Trust is an illusion. A systematically flawed word. A total forgery of a statement. Trust assumes infallibility - without errors, mistakes or fuck ups. How do we trust others when we can't even trust ourselves .. If the potential gain outweighs the potential risk we're likely to oblige. Whether the repercussions be momentary or long standing, we're going to indulge in whatever we feel is beneficial in the moment. The determining influencer being perception. Trust insinuates the human race is unfailing, faultless, flawless, and perfect. But most of all - trust assumes loyalty .. And loyalty in the true sense of the word, the infinite, devoted kind of loyalty - that kind of loyalty doesn't exist. 


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Gideon Puccio

Mon 2nd Jan 2017 06:05

Beautiful words that ring so true. Excellent work.

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Connie Walter

Tue 1st Nov 2016 19:08

Thank you ? Xx

Jemima Jones

Tue 11th Oct 2016 21:53

all,so very true.Thank you Connie.Jemima.

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