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It's been a year since you've been gone and I'm still picking up the pieces,

You were often my strength but more so my weakness,

Everyday you're on my mind I can't escape these thoughts,

It makes my chest burn and my stomach twist into knots,

Sometimes I feel like its too much to handle,

What you did to me was truly a scandle,

All the times that we shared and everything that we w...

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betrayedDivorceHeart break


Fueled by rage,
I'm in a cage,
I'm ready to go off,
Like a fuckin' 12 gauge,
Set off by hate,
I cannot debate,
That you weren't there,
So let me get this straight,
Your bullshit and your lies,
I really despise,
You're nothing but a fake,
You can't fool the wise,
You left me to hang,
You left me to dry,
So watch me succeed,
While I watch you cry.

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Trust is an illusion

Trust is an illusion. A systematically flawed word. A total forgery of a statement. Trust assumes infallibility - without errors, mistakes or fuck ups. How do we trust others when we can't even trust ourselves .. If the potential gain outweighs the potential risk we're likely to oblige. Whether the repercussions be momentary or long standing, we're going to indulge in whatever we feel is beneficia...

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In a Box

In a box with rusty padlocks in a corner of my head,

Are broken toys of childhood, laid to rest in premature separation.

Drowned emotions and strangled feelings, together dressed in black,

Are shadows of an inquisitive soul that might have been set free,

Were it not for a box with rusty padlocks in a corner of my head.


Keys, personally guarded on my gaolers’ chains,

Now hidd...

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