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Soul Sister

Nothing comes sugar coated
Forget what I want to hear
All facts only
No punishment here

Her insights are a gift
Taking time to think of me
Disregaurding would be hurtful
Both to her and
To me

If I were to go down a dark path
If she were to sit and watch me fade to black
Would be a waste of a beautiful friendship
A heartache that couldn't be taken back

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The Mother To All

She’s a bright star, within the unlit night 

Guiding others through, the tough thing, that we call life 

Her strength is beyond admirable to all 

And even if she should ever fall 

She would somehow, pull though 

The things, that to others, it would inevitably un-do 

Her beauty and grace, isn’t just a way to save face 

She's had to fight great wars, every single day 

Even wh...

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Best Friend

You were the Earth,

and I was the moon.

You were my world,

but I was just your satellite.


The dark spots in my face were scars

from catching and stealing

the sun's light

so I could brighten you up

during your darkest hours.

I spent my time revolving

around you so I could fix you,

but you couldn't see me

because you were too busy

chasing the sun.

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(fun fact: im writing this while we're on hangouts but you're talking to your grandma)

you are the reason for my sanity.

you are my everything.

my best friend, my brother, my will to live, my source of happiness.

the more i open up to you

about the inerworkings of my brain

i gain confidence.

the more i share with you 

about my darkest thoughts,

i feel less lonley

cos ...

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Your Music

entry picture

I heard you voice sing,
“There’s a time and season for you,”
As the keys of the piano cried
With every note you sang.

A queen with no need of a king
Ruling her kingdom
With sweet instrumental tones and lyrics
Bring your people together as one.

You told your people
To spread their arms and spin around
Lift their head to the heavens and not the ground
To feel free and happy.

Your music i...

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If Time Had Stopped.

If time had stopped, 
Where you stood and waved -
A hint of a smile that couldn't be erased, 
And we forgave each other.
Like, old friends reuniting... 
Old stories to tell and old feelings long gone.

You knew while I couldn't figure it out,
As a bystander I heard the news.
I had treated life like a dream,
And you were a form of reality as you stepped right in.
You taught me about the th...

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