The Gallipoli Fallen

The Gallipoli Fallen


From Perth to Auckland came the merry brave

Fighting for King and Empire and the motherland to save

The Anzac was led with zeal and might

Churchill's men prepared to fight the merry fight


To the Dardanelles the men were led ashore

To open a supply route to Russia, so ill-equipped and poor

Churchill's plan to obliterate the Ottomans from the war


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Celebrity Apathy

Driven sick of fame today

Fuelled by tacky magazines with nothing to say

Driven insane by things I see

Stuck in a hole by celebrity apathy


A-listers claim their right to riches

Turning them into divas and conceited bitches

Not enough to pose woodenly in front of a lens

But to sign contracts from the gullible to suit their ends


Celebrity today is purely cheap


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Christmas Calamities

It's nine 0'clock it's up the dancers

Time for the siblings to settle

With the kids snuggled up tight

Into the attic you climb

The operation at full fettle


With all the parcels of toys and treats

Retrieved from the dusty enclave

You soon feel guilty about the santa imposter

Who you claim resides in a cave


While the kids snooze soundly in their pit

The gifts ...

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A Typical Day on the Psychiatric Ward

Wake up at eight after a fitful sleep

Stagger into the day room where a depressed woman weeps

Dressed in a nightie she shouts and bawls

While the staff are outside waiting for role call


Eating soggy cornflakes watching Jeremy Kyle

In come the cleaners in uniforms they file

Cleaning the bedrooms it's pretty hard slog

One pulls a vacuum like dragging a dog



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Mentally IllPsychiatric HospitalsPsychiatrists

Schizophrenic on a Mission

I sit in my room alone but with a presence

My nerves are like lightning, electrified and effervescent

After an all night vigil, the day breaks through the sky

My bodies finely programmed, just like my wired up mind


The voices in my head command me wisely

While the messages from the telly inform me concisely

On my objectives, plans and aims

To go outside on a mi...

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SchizophreniaPsychiatric HospitalsManiaAuditory hallucinations

Top Ten Non-Movers

I've something to say about the state of todays pop

Littered with watered down RnB and dodgy hip hop

Jumping about with manufactured dance moves, it's total visual horror

But I know their prime motive, it's their pursuit of the dollar


Today' it's all manufactured, pretty and slick

When I  look back at the early eighties it makes my heart sink

Okay there's muck and ...

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Pop music

The Devil's Box

All are welcome to this tight convention

To bathe your eyes docilely in visual radiation

A dose of time around the clock

Staring mesmerised at the Devil's box


Twenty four hours of lethargic inaction

Watching brain dead sit-coms filled with pretension

Then the commercials pop up with their marketing ploys

Spoilt little siblings demanding the latest fashion toy


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Television addiction

The Hangman of Prague

In the days of war and Nazi conquest

Deep in the heart of the Third Reich

Was a man so cold and ruthless

That the fuhrer proclaimed had a heart of Iron


Hangman Heydrich ruled a nation

Of several million innocent Czechs

Controlling them with an Iron grip

Signs of resistance spelled their death


Himmlers deputy performed with efficiency

The darker pa...

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genocidesecond world warTyranny

Mental Health Victims

In Pyjamas creased like discarded paper

Shuffling aimlessly on flaccid feet

Come the fresh patients to the Psychiatry machine

Eyes stare into space in obscure realms of fantasy


With word salad chatter so wayward and bewildered

For morning medication they agitatedly wait

Chlorpromazine drugged psychotics limbs tremoring like jelly

Heads full of voices torturous ...

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Mental IllnessPsychiatryself harm

Religious Dogma

From the dawn of the age when man perceived

When he philosophised about the conduct of the life to lead

Hallucination and rumour began to unfold

The roots of religious dogma began to grow


Religious text stemmed from man made stories

Written by scholars to express their theories

Take what you will from whatever you feel

But blind faith is foolish, it is so unrea...

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Smoke Till Your Hearts Content

For a princely sum of seven quid odd

You can buy a fare to see your god

With tar and chemicals in each fag

Your lungs are choking with each drag


Carbon Monoxide with a nicotine kick

Coughing and spluttering until you're sick

But pushing on with your tobacco intake

Tumours and Emphysema from a daily fix


Four thousand chemicals in each toke


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