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Dear Clark - I write this letter as a way to say goodbye,

I know we’ve dated many years and I know I said I’d try

to get over all your little quirks that really drive me mad,

but I can’t, you see, and so for me It’s all ending rather sad.


It’s the way you seem to run away when things are getting tough,

If your penchant to hide in phone boxes wasn’t reason enough


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I was living certain and sure
of the future I desired
A house by the water
sea air kissing my eyes
before I brave the morning paper

A figure framed in a gaping doorway
watching freighters skim the horizon
Rest my coffee cup on the fence
slide a nail down this foriegn envelope
draw the perfumed letter from within

The paper see-through 
like her summer dresses
My fingers beneath it

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letterlost lovepassionsea

Nancy Theater

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No need to go to Theater 
Today is the end of the show 
I wrote you final letter 
Actor decided to go 


No need to read my poem 
Nothing else in the mail 
To save you of bad clime 
My heart, began to fail 

I hope you get my point 
I wish you can get me 
I'm sure the Nancy Theater 
Closed. Do you agree? 

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Letter From The Lake

Dear friend
a sigh is leaving me
I can concentrate now, finally
a statue standing on the jetty
the lake’s slow wash below the boards
hypnotising me

I feel freer now than ever
more than I did back there
I don’t know how you toil on
those boiling days below the city
tinned-life crammed searching for air

You wrote of the love you found
that you always dreamed was waiting
head cocked ...

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citycountrysidehopeleaving townletterloss

Dear Him,

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You’re beautiful. Belle Ame, French, for beautiful soul. I cautiously use the word beautiful, simply because the word holds so much power. It may be overused in it’s context, but within mine, it holds virtue.

Rain is beautiful. The smell of rain, the taste, the sound, the feeling on your skin as it seeps into the thread of your clothing. The way it collects in puddles on broken roads, or how it...

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Letter to You

Letter to you,

Words of wisdom,

If I may.

Don’t fall for the irony

That my reflection

Lacks a map of my life.

My beautiful child,

Let me remind you,

That every time you smile,

Every drop of laughter

That you place in this world,

Means something,

To someone,



Let’s remember

That people do

Amazing things each day.

Now not to di...

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A letter to you...

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For fourteen years
all that I was known
was that I had a mother
I didn't know of.
And all I knew of her
was her name.
Then there came that day
when I was told of you both
but only because of her,
because she made a decision
to tell me so.

So, now I take this time
to write you both this letter.

A letter to you both,
to my brother and to my sister
who I just came to heard of,
to whom...

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brother and sisterLasting Hopelettermother

Dear Facebook

A little poem that is very much not in my usual style!

Dear Facebook,

 We have known each other a long time now,
 and whilst I know you will always be there for me,
 it is with a heavy heart that I must tell you the following:
 We can no longer be together.

 It’s not you.
 It’s me.

 I find I can’t keep away from you,
 and I have so much work to do these days...

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Dear Mr Dettol. Fact.

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Well. Here goes. The first blog post. "Can you hear me at the back?" Now's probably the moment where I'm supposed to say something profound and memorable to initiate what I'm sure will be a wonderful relationship between me and the Worldwide Web. But sadly, I left my profound and memorable hat on the topmost shelf in my bedroom which unfortunately I cannot reach. Such a shame. It has feathers o...

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Dear Justin Timberlake

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 Dearest Justin Timberlake

Firstly, hello! Thanks for reading
I like that music that you make.
It’s brill that you’re succeeding.

When N Sync split I must’ve died.
But then I heard your solo years
And your first album – Justified
Is the sole reason I have ears.

But now you’re making movies
And Oscars, you may hold -
In your trailer sipping smoothies
Mixed with caviar and g...

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comedyfunnyjust timberlakelettermusicpop

To my sweetest

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I can give you forever,

God show me a sign,

That we are meant to be together,

We are meant to be divine.

Love you sincerely,

And through our lifetime.

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