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Letter From The Lake

Dear friend
a sigh is leaving me
I can concentrate now, finally
a statue standing on the jetty
the lake’s slow wash below the boards
hypnotising me

I feel freer now than ever
more than I did back there
I don’t know how you toil on
those boiling days below the city
tinned-life crammed searching for air

You wrote of the love you found
that you always dreamed was waiting
head cocked to one side
that wry smile you’re both sharing
suddenly but so completely
a focus for all that untamed love in you

Here, life moves slow
but never stops completely
there is a girl down in the town
who looks at me so coyly
and some rough lad up at the farmhouse
who would gladly make me his

Between the wind-battered fields
and evenings pickling in the only pub
I keep an eye out for that inner peace
one night I might let him take me
or another, dance her into a barn

I’ve been finding something here
but, speaking plainly, it’s not you
I’m still swimming out each morning
with that pale look upon my face
I swim six laps every morning
the palest hope painting my face

I wish you well
and happy with whoever
come and see me one year soon
come up to the water and stay
until then, my friend
take care…



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 6th Mar 2019 11:34

God Almighty, Tom, you're good! That first stanza is just outstanding. The whole piece is brilliant.

Because I feel I 'know' you well enough to comment, do you really mean 'rye' smile' or did you intend 'wry'? I'm not really sure. It tripped me up, and I had to start again. But maybe you did it on purpose, like a little hidden 'bomb'.

Kate is right. This deserves many readings because it is so 'rich'.

<Deleted User> (19913)

Mon 4th Mar 2019 12:31

Intriguing Tom. One I'll come back to for sure.

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