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Nancy Theater

entry picture

No need to go to Theater 
Today is the end of the show 
I wrote you final letter 
Actor decided to go 


No need to read my poem 
Nothing else in the mail 
To save you of bad clime 
My heart, began to fail 

I hope you get my point 
I wish you can get me 
I'm sure the Nancy Theater 
Closed. Do you agree? 

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The Theater

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The Theater

Today, we're together 

Tomorrow, we're apart 

As Cinema .. as the Theater, 

An End for the Start 


Thanks to God for Life 

To work .. earn and learn 

Pray .. to keep Survive 

Happiness to reach and Yearn 


Surely, you're assigned 

For a role to achieve a goal 

Unless you've that mind 

You need to heal your soul

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The Theater of my Life

I've lived the times
Of the theater of my life
Dancing in the foyer:

Commedia dell'Arte
Comprised the entirety
Of my personal repetoire;

Dress rehearsals were
Never taken seriously:
The final play was just

A moments decision
Hurried through a huddle
Of half-written plots.

The masterful monologues
Of my long and intrepid career
Were carried off by the

Glib tongue of the characters

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