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From this point on,

I promise to be strong.

I promise to put my babies first, and be a good mom.

I promise to do my best in righting my wrongs.

I promise to remember the word patience...even on days that seem long.

This I promise to you:

I promise to always be true.

I promise to always love you.

I promise to always be your best friend. 

I promise that for t...

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Nancy Theater

No need to go to Theater 
Today is the end of the show 
I wrote you final letter 
Actor decided to go 


No need to read my poem 
Nothing else in the mail 
To save you of bad clime 
My heart, began to fail 

I hope you get my point 
I wish you can get me 
I'm sure the Nancy Theater 
Closed. Do you agree? 

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Random Hero

The only person who can save me

is me

A Random Hero wont set me free

Violets are blue

Its time for you to save you

Mentalities can't fly

Yours wont admit defeat

Not that I ever wanted you to lose

But, my grasp is still so weak


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'It's Time To Face... Resignation' (Performance)

Earlier in the week I performed 'It's Time To Face... Resignation' at the Empire Theatre in Blackburn. On the following YouTube link, you'll find my rendition!



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