It's occurred to me that I really love the kind of things that represent a beautiful but gentle sadness because it feels like the most accurate reflection of real life and it feels the most like home.

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After All

After all

In the end 

If it was all just one long, strange, and pointless trip 

Then it was at least interesting

And that's the most important thing in the world. 


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Mind Fog

Maybe something happens

Which propagates a deep unease

That makes you acknowledge the weight in your brain

And reminds you that you're unwell again

Volumous storm clouds roll in and take hold

As well you sit with your feelings inside your head it seems as though a thousand years drift by within yourself

As you wait for the interminable unrest to pass

Lightning strikes and thun...

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The Bottle

The Bottle

Sometimes it's easy to take comfort from a bottle

Trying to numb or dull the anxiety

A swill of sweet oakey booze to dissolve those feelings one would rather ignore

But eventually, given enough time, and enough drink

One starts to notice that bottle isn't your friend 

It doesn't work

It doesn't numb anything

In fact, most of the time, it boils and churns up and c...

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Lay your weary head down to rest
Don't be so hard on your haunted heart
Soothe your unsettled soul
Breathe deeply and exhale with easy 
Release the tension from anxious bones 
Quiet the anxious torment from your conscience
Allow your mind to slip away into the little death of a night's sleep
So once again in the morning you resurrect and rise anew 


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All the pain and despair

Emptiness, loneliness, and longing

All the heart wrenching moments we've had since we were young

And all the things that try to bend break you

Even if they sometimes succeed

All those awful things that hurt so much 

Are merely devices which mold you into who you were always meant to be

Face down the anguish and use it as a tool to sculp...

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I am the unbothered

I am the lava flowing beneath the Earth's crust

I am the ocean's currents surging in the depths

I am the jetstreams circulating throughout the atmosphere

I am the steel blade forged upon the anvil 

I am the steady heart beat inside a monk's chest

I am the booming laughter of a child at play 

I am the cat curled up in your favorite arm chair 

I am the win...

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Snack Bear

Snack Bear


Hello snack bear

You big murder floof 

Stealing treats from your local gas station

The poor convenience store attendant let's you take what you want cause he'd rather live another day

Sadly poor furry friend animal control will come to exterminate you

You just wanted salty or sugary delight that we humans like

Maybe you thought, hmm I'd like to try that too, I ...

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On Death, Grief, and the Fragility of Life

On Death, Grief, and the Fragility of Life


Even before the moment of birth

We are surrounded by death

Before entering the world and leaving the warmth of the womb

Our first home

Even as we first begin to develop and grow our cells die and are replaced 

Death is just one of many inescapable truths 

But there is no need to distress oneself 

Fret not for awareness of deat...

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The Dreaming

Where do we go when we dream

Stepping through the mirror into the you on the other side

Catching a glimpse of the multitude in the infinity of all our other selves

Taking a ride in the back seat of lives unlived 
Or seeing the beloved faces of our dearly departed

Visiting the dreams cherished friends or lost lovers

Finding safety in the mind palace we keep inside

As a small cott...

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One Day

One Day

On no day in particular

You arose with ease renewed

The dark veil had lifted from your mind 

Pulled softly like so many cob webs 

Suddenly the rain stopped pouring so heavily and turned to a comforting drizzle kissed with a warm breeze

The sun no longer bore down so hatefully 

Instead gently caressed your face soothing 

And existence seemed to lean in and whisper, "...

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