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Soft Spirit of the Night

As I leave my home behind

To walk the far farm fields

The spirit of the land enfolds me

Its silence becomes my mantle

While I alone hear

Those wafted word

As the wind caresses the treetops

Whispering englynion

To lure me on

Through woodland and moor

Beyond fences, ever deeper into a land

Clothed in swirls of radiant mist

Rising from plashy pools and tarns


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If you’re walking by the bushes

at the end of the lane

you may hear a little quack

as the sun begins to wane.


You may look for the water

where the ducks might be,

but there’s no-one in sight

just the rustling of the leaves.


Would you believe

the quack that you heard

was the sound of an owl,

a sad little bird.


“A quacking owl?”

I hear you exclai...

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entry picture


Gently caressed by the breath of the breeze,
branches sway atop tall lofty trees.
Restless leaves, to gnarled fingers, cling
wondering what freshness the new day will bring.

Hopping about on long leafy arms,
fluttering feathers displaying delicate charms.
Beautiful songbirds sing out their sweet melodies
in the grand performance of natures sweet harmony.

Bushy tailed...

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