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Graced by God
His title it tells us
Suffered enough his story it tells us
Pulled by a cart full of magical secrets
Middle name strong
Brave wisdom his teachings
Balanced and searching john the truth seeker
South end pure scouse and Spiritual speaker

He is a seer

He knows ignorance is bliss
Awareness is torture
He is aware Bright aura
Blessed pure spirit Daughter

Man of the tree ...

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An ode to Mother Nature - The Great Giver of Life!

"Take those clothes off, you smell of outside". She quipped

A perplexing concept; an ineffable part of everyday life clinging to our clothes.

Clinging to our very beings. 

From that first life affirming breath as we step out to conquer the day - in hopes of slaying invisible beasts, to the soft caress of the morning dew on bare skin. 
Then comes the rustling of evergreen leaves, graduall...

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NatureMother Naturetreesleavesmessageconnections

Summer Night

Night has descended on the fields

but a summer night never darkens, only shields               

dreamers from the day's dull hold

as I am wakeful, bedded cold;

                and the trees stretch into the faded sky  


Night has alighted on my mind

but a wakened wraith can only stray, its kind

vanish as summer's dusky night flies on

as I am lost beyond my dream horizo...

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Aren't Trees Alive?

All those pretty hues,
Of green amongst the blues,
Their long brown feet?
Blossoming the ground beneath. 
Oh! The tremendous trunk,
Its arms in every direction,
Lil foliage materializing,
Under the radiant sun,
Dancing joyfully and smiling,
With a light breeze on the run.

Beauty, magnificence, still untold,
Wonders of pigment, flowers are born,
Fruity freshness our heart devours,

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