I have the right to write

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I have the

right to write.

You may not

like what I

have to say.


I have the

right to write,

I'll do

it anyway.


I have the

right to write.

With this you

may not agree.


I have the

right to write.

You know where

you can kiss me!



This was written a few

years ago. Mostly to tell

people who should be

supportive of my writing

but who are not.


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Nigel Astell

Tue 6th Aug 2013 14:04

You have the right to write
I certainly like what I see.

You have the right to write
if I ever dared a kiss.

You have the right to write
rather than your cute little botty.

You have the right to write
I would prefer face to face.

You have the right then to
tell me exactly on which cheek!

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John Coopey

Tue 6th Aug 2013 00:02

I fully support you right to write, Shirley, but I've kind of got stuck thinking about the last stanza!

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Freda Davis

Sun 4th Aug 2013 21:24

Yes Shirley, you have the right to write. Don't be put off by people who don't want to hear you. You can write what you want, but they have the right to ignore you. Ignore them too. Its good to put stuff up on Write Out Loud where people do want to hear what you have to say. Get going, put it all down, and choose what you want people to read. But go back over what you write too, and think- is this the best way to say this? Can I reach how I feel about this with the words I use? Am I being honest?
Lets hear more from you.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 4th Aug 2013 15:52

Hi Shirley - thanks for your entry on my profile page about this poem. The "right" to write - when placed in the public domain - invites the right to criticise and comment. That goes with the job. What I can't abide is the defensive abuse that greets a challenge to an often malign point of view expressed as "poetry".
Keep writing!!

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