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Dark Cloud

A dark cloud over me

No matter how hard I battled I seemed to be stuck

No matter how hard I tried to overcome the struggle it was eating me alive

Breathe, wake up, walk

What is wrong with you I yelled, " You have God!"

Get up battle, don't give up

Life keeps throwing punches at you

Life keeps making you fall

But fight, fight and be strong

Don't give up

Don't you dare ...

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Nocturne/Julia Caroline/Translation in Amharic/Alem Hailu/በምሽት

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Bird beneath the midnight sky
As on my lonely couch I lie,
I hear thee singing in the dark,
Why sing not I?

No star-gleams meet thy wakeful eye;
No fond mate answers to thy cry;
No other voice, through all the dark,
Makes sweet reply.

Yet never sky-lark soaring high
Where sun-lit clouds rejoicing lie,
Sang as thou singest in the dark,
Not mute as I!

O lone, sweet spirit! tell me why

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I have been waiting for help all these years

A little delusion that someone will rescue me

Someone will throw me a rope

To drag me out of the hole I have been living in


Searching for the light in the dark

Asking for help left and right

In the roughest moments

Hope, I need you


There is always a war going on in my head

Angels and demons clashing inside of me


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Vivendi insufficiens

I've been trying to explain for so long that you are more,
You are more than a 9-5 dead end job
You are more than a number placed on this earth.
You have much more to you than you aspire,
Much more to you than they aspire for you.

Now I don't know about you,
But I know that as a race we should be fed up,
Fed up with all the bullshit that has been placed upon us.
Fed up of all the...

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One-Sided Love

I'm staying up tonight

To find that lucky star in the sky

But I think it fell in a black hole.


I’ve been searching

For the sun to come out

But it burned out years ago.


I was surrounded by such beauty

I could not take my eyes off of you

But I wasn’t enough to captivate you for long.


My heart used to beat for you out of time

You were like a flower that st...

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